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The widest selection of hand embroideries

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Discover the Authentic Beauty of Palestinian Manajel Thoub

Hand-Machine made (TARA)

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Our cultural heritage and traditions endure across generations

reflecting a timeless legacy

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Hand vs. Machine Embroidery

At our workshop, we take pride in offering both hand and machine embroidery services, each with its unique charm and benefits. Hand embroidery reflects an exquisite craftsmanship that involves a meticulous and personal touch, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind. The intricate detailing and individual attention contribute to a higher cost, reflecting the artisan's skill and time invested. On the other hand, machine embroidery offers efficiency and precision, allowing for the creation of beautiful designs at a more affordable price point. Both methods, however, share the same inherent benefits of enhancing textiles with stunning and intricate patterns. The choice between hand and machine embroidery ultimately depends on personal preferences and budget considerations, ensuring that every customer can find the perfect option to suit their unique needs.

Tapestry Palestinian Woman

Discover the Rich Cultural Heritage of Palestinian Women through Tapestry Art

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