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Save 16%Roses Thoub (Hand stitched) - Tatreez StoreRoses Thoub (Hand stitched) - Tatreez Store
Roses Thoub (Hand stitched) Sale price$800.00 USD Regular price$950.00 USD
Save 15%Hand-Embroidered dress - Tatreez StoreHand-Embroidered dress - Tatreez Store
Hand-Embroidered dress Sale price$550.00 USD Regular price$650.00 USD
Tatreez & Saya Thoub - Tatreez StoreTatreez & Saya Thoub - Tatreez Store
Tatreez & Saya Thoub Sale price$550.00 USD
White & Blue Hand-Stitched Thoub - Tatreez StoreWhite & Blue Hand-Stitched Thoub - Tatreez Store
White & Blue Hand-Stitched Thoub Sale price$850.00 USD
Blue Hand-Stitch Thoub - Tatreez StoreBlue Hand-Stitch Thoub - Tatreez Store
Blue Hand-Stitch Thoub Sale price$990.00 USD
Hand-Stitched Thoub - Tatreez StoreHand-Stitched Thoub - Tatreez Store
Hand-Stitched Thoub Sale price$1,300.00 USD
Tara Thoub - Tatreez StoreTara Thoub - Tatreez Store
Tara Thoub Sale price$490.00 USD
Sold outManajel Thoub - Tatreez StoreManajel Thoub - Tatreez Store
Manajel Thoub Sale price$550.00 USD
Tals Navy Blue Thoub - Tatreez StoreTals Navy Blue Thoub - Tatreez Store
Tals Navy Blue Thoub Sale price$1,550.00 USD
Save 18%Roses Hand-Stitched Thoub - Tatreez StoreRoses Hand-Stitched Thoub - Tatreez Store
Roses Hand-Stitched Thoub Sale price$700.00 USD Regular price$850.00 USD
Save 17%Flowers leaf HAND-MADE Thoub (2pcs) - TATREEZ STOREFlowers leaf HAND-MADE Thoub (2pcs) - TATREEZ STORE
Leaves and flowers Thoub Sale price$750.00 USD Regular price$900.00 USD
Sold outMulti-color Embroidery Thoub - TATREEZ STOREMulti-color Embroidery Thoub - TATREEZ STORE
Multi-color Embroidery Thoub Sale price$950.00 USD
Save 20%Flowers embroidery Thoub - Tatreez StoreFlowers embroidery Thoub - Tatreez Store
Flowers embroidery Thoub Sale price$600.00 USD Regular price$750.00 USD
Sold outMulti-color Threads Thoub - Tatreez StoreMulti-color Threads Thoub - Tatreez Store
Multi-color Threads Thoub Sale price$1,000.00 USD
Flowers Thoub - Tatreez StoreFlowers Thoub - Tatreez Store
Flowers Thoub Sale price$380.00 USD
Hand-beads Kaftan - Tatreez StoreHand-beads Kaftan - Tatreez Store
Hand-beads Kaftan Sale price$500.00 USD
Save 10%Fairy Tale Stitched dress (ABIF) - TATREEZ STOREFairy Tale Stitched dress (ABIF) - TATREEZ STORE
Fairy Tale Stitched dress Sale price$765.00 USD Regular price$850.00 USD
Sold outHebron Thoub - Tatreez StoreHebron Thoub - Tatreez Store
Hebron Thoub Sale price$1,900.00 USD
TATREEZ MANAJEL Sale price$340.00 USD
TATREEZ PRO Sale price$750.00 USD
Save 20%Star Embroidery Hand-Made Thoub - TATREEZ STOREStar Embroidery Hand-Made Thoub - TATREEZ STORE
Star Embroidery Hand-Made Thoub Sale price$1,200.00 USD Regular price$1,500.00 USD
Save 29%Manajel Velvet Thoub (Tara) - Tatreez StoreManajel Velvet Thoub (Tara) - Tatreez Store
Manajel Velvet Thoub (Tara) Sale price$600.00 USD Regular price$850.00 USD
Sold outFallahi Embroidery Saya Thoub - Tatreez StoreFallahi Embroidery Saya Thoub - Tatreez Store
Fallahi Embroidery Saya Thoub Sale price$950.00 USD
Sold outSaya Thoub - TATREEZ STORESaya Thoub - TATREEZ STORE
Saya Thoub Sale price$345.00 USD
Save 18%Hand-stitched Thoub - Tatreez StoreHand-stitched Thoub - Tatreez Store
Hand-stitched Thoub Sale price$490.00 USD Regular price$600.00 USD
Fallahi Thoub - TATREEZ STOREFallahi Thoub - TATREEZ STORE
Fallahi Thoub Sale price$395.00 USD
Tara Thoub - Tatreez StoreTara Thoub - Tatreez Store
Tara Thoub Sale price$550.00 USD
Royal Hand-Made Tatreez - TATREEZ STORERoyal Hand-Made Tatreez - TATREEZ STORE
Royal Hand-Made Tatreez Sale price$950.00 USD
Sold outGreenly Manajel - TATREEZ STOREGreenly Manajel - TATREEZ STORE
Greenly Manajel Thoub Sale price$380.00 USD
Bridal Hand-made Embroidery Dress (2pcs) - TATREEZ STOREBridal Hand-made Embroidery Dress (2pcs) - TATREEZ STORE
Bridal Hand-made Embroidery dress Sale price$1,250.00 USD
Palestinian HAND-MADE Thoub Sale price$550.00 USD
Embers of Tradition Thoub - TATREEZ STOREEmbers of Tradition Thoub - TATREEZ STORE
Embers of Tradition Thoub Sale price$700.00 USD
Harvest Moon Thoub (ABIF) - TATREEZ STOREHarvest Moon Thoub (ABIF) - TATREEZ STORE
Harvest Moon Thoub Sale price$700.00 USD
Three Lines Thoub - TATREEZ STOREThree Lines Thoub - TATREEZ STORE
Three Lines Thoub Sale price$345.00 USD
Passion and Panache Thoub (ABIF) - TATREEZ STOREPassion and Panache Thoub (ABIF) - TATREEZ STORE
Passion and Panache Thoub Sale price$700.00 USD
Sold outManajel dress - Tatreez StoreManajel dress - Tatreez Store
Manajel dress Sale price$160.00 USD
Save 20%Fallahi Red Bisht - Tatreez StoreFallahi Red Bisht - Tatreez Store
Fallahi Red Bisht Sale price$175.00 USD Regular price$220.00 USD
Art of Embroidery Thoub (ABIF) - TATREEZ STOREArt of Embroidery Thoub (ABIF) - TATREEZ STORE
Art of Embroidery Thoub Sale price$700.00 USD
Black & Red Oasis Long Sleeves Thoub - TATREEZ STOREBlack & Red Oasis Long Sleeves Thoub - TATREEZ STORE
Palestinian long sleeves Thoub Sale price$1,050.00 USD
Hay-Alza`ra short dress - Tatreez StoreHay-Alza`ra short dress - Tatreez Store
Hay-Alza`ra short dress Sale price$340.00 USD
Save 15%Hand-Embroidered short dress - Tatreez StoreHand-Embroidered short dress - Tatreez Store
Hand-Embroidered short dress Sale price$250.00 USD Regular price$295.00 USD
Fallahi Jumpsuit - TATREEZ STOREFallahi Jumpsuit - TATREEZ STORE
Fallahi Jumpsuit Sale price$250.00 USD
Pink Hand-Embroidered Bisht - Tatreez StorePink Hand-Embroidered Bisht - Tatreez Store
Pink Hand-Embroidered Bisht Sale price$95.00 USD
Sold outHand-Embroidered Bisht - Tatreez StoreHand-Embroidered Bisht - Tatreez Store
Hand-Embroidered Bisht Sale price$320.00 USD
Sold outHand-Embroidered Bisht - Tatreez StoreHand-Embroidered Bisht - Tatreez Store
Hand-Embroidered Bisht Sale price$90.00 USD
Sold outHand-Embroidered Bisht - Tatreez StoreHand-Embroidered Bisht - Tatreez Store
Hand-Embroidered Bisht Sale price$110.00 USD
Hand-Embroidered Shawl - Tatreez StoreHand-Embroidered Shawl - Tatreez Store
Hand-Embroidered Shawl Sale price$90.00 USD
Sold outHead Hand-Made shawl - Tatreez StoreHead Hand-Made shawl - Tatreez Store
Head Hand-Made shawl Sale price$150.00 USD